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Supporting you to thrive from pregnancy to birth + postpartum
Grace Taylor
Pregnancy + Postpartum Doula
Online & In-Person
Hawkes Bay, NZ
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Hey there Mama, 

I'm so glad you are here

I'm Grace - a VBAC Mother of two and doula here in Hawkes Bay, NZ

Nothing lights me up more than helping Mums to feel confident, prepared, informed, valued and cared for doing the most important work in the world - growing, birthing and raising babies!


Now, I’ll be honest - Mothering is hard work.


After 9 months of pregnancy, then labour and birth your baby has been born and so have you.  There's your physical recovery, the lack of sleep, relationship dynamics changing, learning feeding + settling on the job, the domestic load.

It's A LOT.


"Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making Mothers...  strong, competent, capable Mothers who know themselves and their inner strength"
Barbara Katz Rothman

Mothers need support, support, support.

I’m talking a warm meal, reassurance, a hand with the house. 

You need someone who gets it and can make sure your needs are met so you can rest, feed and bond with your baby just as nature intended.

How do I help?

First, PREPARATION for the road ahead.

Your wellbeing is just too important to wing it. 

Having realistic expectations and knowledge about everything from birth to feeding to sleep will be the difference between surviving and thriving.

Next, SUPPORT when you are in it.  

In need of a safe and validating space to debrief your birth experience...

In need of a nap after a sleepless night...

In need of some meal prep...

It is my joy and privilege to fill the gaps and join your modern village.

Join me:



A little bit about me

I'm Grace, your local Pregnancy + Postpartum Doula

- I spent a year travelling the world before having kids

- I have a hidden talent for doing accents.

- I used to work in the film industry

- I 've got a passion for reducing waste

- I can speak a bit of Spanish

- I love to  cook! and make fermented foods like sourdough and sauerkraut. 

- I'm originally from Australia but have called NZ my home for four years.

I look forward to connecting with you :)

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Nicole, Flaxmere

Grace was amazingly helpful!

I loved being able to talk through different aspects of postpartum life.

She gave me great tips as well as practical questions to discuss with my husband so we felt on the same page. Grace has a lovely encouraging nature and made me feel at ease to ask questions.

Sandy, Hastings

Grace is such a beautiful, calm person.  She is incredibly supportive, has amazing observational skills tp see what's needed and honestly just the perfect person to have in your corner.

You won't regret reaching out to her for pregnancy support, birth planning or any postpartum support.

She is honestly amazing


Mel, Hastings

Grace held space for me in such a genuine way that it allowed me to feel safe and be vulnerable when talking to her about my birth trauma. Grace has a nurturing and caring nature and is very empathetic.  I am so glad that I reached out to Grace, it was the best thing I have done.

Jarrah, Victoria

"Grace is a kind and calm presence that really allows you to feel seen. Grace gave me great tools and resources to continue my healing journey and I’m so grateful for her support and care"

Amanda, Auckland

"I found my session with Grace very helpful.  It was a good feeling to share this unfiltered story of my birth and it should be something that is recommended to everyone in pregnancy"

Ashley, USA

"Grace made me feel safe to share my story and validated my feelings.  She was great and I’m super grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her"


Check out my interview on the Womb Wisdom podcast


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