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Postpartum Preparation

Having a baby is a psychological revolution that changes our relation to almost everything and everyone. Priorities shift, roles are redefined, and the balance between freedom and responsibility undergoes a massive overhaul

- Esther Perel

Becoming a Mother for the first or the fifth time is a huge life event.   Everything from how you organise your time to your relationships changes.

In this 1:1 session I set you up with realistic expectations for the road ahead, tips and tricks to see you thrive, and a listening ear for all the questions that I'm sure you have about becoming a Mother.

We deep dive into everything from babycare, to infant sleep and feeding.

I want you to come away feeling confident and excited about what's to come!

You will have realistic expectations and knowledge & tools to surrender with trust in the process.

Pampas Grass

Topics covered:

  • Supporting your physical recovery

  • What to expect in the early days and weeks

  • Basics of baby care + feeding

  • Normal Biological Infant Sleep

  • Relationships

  • Matrescence + Identity

  • Mental health 

  • Setting up your Postpartum Meal Train

  • Practical tips + tricks

  • Recipes and meal planning

  • Opportunity to ask all of your burning questions about life after birth

Investment: $79.00

What's included:

  • 90 minute session in-person (Hastings/Napier) or via Zoom

  • Audio Messaging support for 1 week post session

  • A personalised action plan and resources list

  • Access to my personal lending library

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