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Birth Mapping

You can't plan a birth, but there are some common pathways birth can take and it makes the world of difference to talk through what they are before you go into labour.

Let's have a hot drink and settle in for a cup-filling chat about the birth experience for YOU .

Dark Waves

Birth Mapping about getting clear on all the pathways your birth could take and making all the emotional and physical preparations ahead of time. 

We look at the questions you need to be asking your care provider to inform your decision making before labour has begun.  Asking questions is what gives you a full picture of the landscape you are birthing in.

Who do I want caring for me through pregnancy and birth?

How will labour begin?

What happens if baby arrives before we arrive at our birth location?

Does my birth location align with my birthing philosophy?

If I make the decision to accept X intervention, how will it impact other parts of  the process?

What are the risks? benefits? alternatives? What if i do nothing?

These are some of the questions we discuss together to help you get a full and informed picture of the path ahead.

By doing this work upfront you are empowering yourself with knowledge and laying the foundation for a positive birth experience.

We can meet in person (Hastings/Napier) or online via Zoom.

Investment: $99.00

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