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My Why

In 2020 I was 36 weeks pregnant and moved to Aotearoa. 


My son was born 3 weeks before the first covid lockdown.

It was a rocky entry to Motherhood, and Covid aside I wasn't prepared at all for the weeks and months that followed. 

Despite having completed doula training, and feeling like I'd read enough, I didn't have the realistic expectations I'm now passionate about setting Mums up with before they have their baby. 


We need to be talking about the physiology of postpartum recovery, the different options for infant feeding, the changes our relationships can experience, normal biological infant sleep, Matrescence, and more. 

I've since moved to Hawkes Bay and had another baby - a healing and empowering VBAC at home - and was able to experience a positive, restful postpartum with enough of the right support and a freezer full of food that fed us for many weeks.








Doula Training

Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification

Healing Birth Practitioner Certification



What is the role of a doula?
I am here to:

  • Provide practical tips & survival strategies for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Be a pillar of strength, support, validation and reassurance

  • Encourage you to listen and trust your intuition - you are the expert of your body and your baby

  • Provide education to best support a positive pregnancy and birth, a restful postpartum and an empowered mothering journey

  • Make space for you to be open, truthful, vulnerable, seen

Are you qualified?
I have completed trainings and continue to study Mothers, Postpartum care including nutrition, Infant sleep, infant feeding - because I LOVE this work.

The trainings I have completed are:

Doula Training - Australian Doula College

Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification - Sociologist Dr Sophie Brock

Healing Birth Practitioner Training - Healing Birth with Carla Sargent

Birth Cartographer Certification - Birth Mapping with Catherine Bell

How do I book?
1:1 sessions (Birth Debriefing, Birth Mapping, Postpartum Preparation), Navigating Motherhood) can be booked through the website.

If you are interested in booking In-Home Postpartum Care with me, please book a discovery call to see if we connect.

Why should I Work With You?

There is nothing more important for yourself, your family and your community than to be nourished and supported through the often challenging tender early weeks of learning how to care for your baby.

We were not meant to do this alone and yet so many of us do, leading to overwhelm, exhaustion, unhappiness, anxiety and more increasingly postpartum depression and mood disorders.

I offer kind and compassionate care alongside a wealth of knowledge and tools to see you thrive.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes - I offer extended payment plans please get in touch to discuss your needs

Do you offer gift vouchers?
Yes - however it is important that the Mother and myself have a connection before I enter their space.  I offer an obligation free call/meet up to see if we would be a good fit.  Feel free to get in touch to discuss.

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